Thursday, August 30, 2007

Windows Vista

I have been using Windows Vista almost since it came out in March or so. At first I was really impressed, but the more I use it, the more the little things bug me. One of my main pet peeves is that everything has a pretty wizard, and when the wizard is finished, it ends on a screen that says finished and you have to close that screen. It sounds silly, but when it takes 5 clicks to connect to the VPN, and then once it is connected I have a stupid screen that tells me that the VPN connected that I have to click one more time to close, it gets old really quick. There are so many things like that in Vista. There is no easy way to get to your network connections. You have to open the control panel, click on the network section. Then try to figure out where the network connections are hidden in there. Frustrating. I don't want pretty at the cost of usability. This is why my boss ordered a new laptop with Vista, used it for a month and then formatted the drive and installed XP again.
I already was becoming more and more of a fan of Linux, specifically Ubuntu, but the more I use Vista, the more I am motivated to jump in all the way. In fact on my new laptop, It has a small vista partition, but It boots by default into Ubuntu Feisty Fawn. This is going to be a learning curve, but I am excited about it.

There will be more on my adventures in linux later.

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